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2016 Election information

Here are three awesome, remoralizing volunteer opportunities during Early Vote. Please sign up and pass this information to anyone else you think will help.
I don’t want to wake up on November 9 wishing I had done just a little bit more. If you agree, please come out and help. Thank you!

  1. Sign up to canvass or staff the office with Advance NC, a Black-led grassroots organization dedicated to building Black political and economic power, letting voters know about “the Sensational Six”–the six African American candidates running for NC statewide office in 2016.

  2. Sign up to canvass at the Durham bus station, finding voters who need a ride to the polls and connecting them with drivers.

  3. Go down to the Coordinated Campaign Headquarters, Southbank Building, 400 West Main St. and volunteer to do whatever they need. Organizer: Ann-Michelle,, phone: 919-917-2249.

Here is a donation opportunity that will help increase voter turnout in Durham:

Go to Advance NC, and make a donation. Then email Gerald Taylor,, and tell him how much you have donated and that you want it to be used in Durham to hire organizers.

Selected significant upcoming events

(for others please go to the HRC web site)

Encourage everyone you know to go with you to the nearest Democratic Coordinated Campaign office any day to work for Hillary Clinton, Deborah Ross, Mike Morgan, and all the fine Democratic candidates running.

In Durham the office is in the Southbank Building, 400 West Main Street. Open from 10AM to 10PM every day. Phone: 919-917-2249. Ann-Michelle Roberts is the lead organizer for Durham:
For locations of other NC offices, check here:

Other ideas:

Do non-partisan voter registration (which helps all Democratic candidates) through You Can Vote

Find local events, go to, type in your zip code to find the nearest office.

If you are no longer in Durham, please consider Power of the Pen for writing letters to infrequent voters.

Please print

the DURHAM County voter card

double sided, cut in two …. keep one and take to the polls, give the other one to a friend:

Welcome to the Durham for Obama website!!

DURHAM FOR OBAMA (DFO) was formed in 2008 to organize the local grassroots effort to elect U.S. President Barack Obama and now serves to support our nation’s Plan to Renew America’s Promise in resourceful ways that empower Durham and all of its residents.

We welcome you to explore our new (and hopefully improved) website and share your ideas!